How to Reduce Chronic Pain

Living the life that you have doesn’t need to be constricted by pain. It’s true that there are some situations when you simply don’t have anything else to do but take medication. However, many of the chronic pains can be eased easily, if you just follow some of these neck-paintips and tricks that will help you.

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Yes, even if you don’t believe it, the exercising will help you more than you can realize it. this is because with every set of exercises that you make, your body releases endorphins that help reduce the level of pain. Apart from this, exercising will keep you toned and fit for a longer period of time. It doesn’t matter that you can’t do heavy lifting, but you can still ride a static bike for 10-15 minutes or make some easy moves.  If you need a brace so you can exercise pain free, you can pick one up at BridgeCare Medical!

Breathing and Meditating

Meditation can help you control your breathing and a lot more. Meditation is an old technique that is used by those who want to be at peace with themselves and the world that surrounds them. There is something that everyone learns how to do easily – it’s called deep breathing and it will help you with stress management. Apart from this, it will help you relax and also it will help with releasing some of those endorphins that your body needs for reducing different pains.


No Alcohol

The alcohol is an inhibitor for endorphins, and even if you do seem that you have no pain whatsoever, when you’ll be sober again, you will start feeling all those pains. The thing with alcohol is that you need to avoid it at all costs, especially if you have a chronic illness.


No Smoking

carpal-tunnel-pain-reliefThis is also something that you have to avoid. It is said that those who smoke might develop different problems with the blood pressure or other health problems. Apart from this, the smoking can only favor the existence of pains, as it worsens the circulation, it slows the healing process and it can cause other degenerative problems.


Healthy Eating

It’s a fact that everyone states, but almost nobody understands – healthy eating is something that you have to do in order to feel better and live longer. Healthy eating means that you have to stop eating processed foods, and start eating more natural foods, like fruits and vegetables and meat that comes from healthy animals. Look for fresh products that are sold in specialized markets and you will see the difference between those and the ones that are processed.


Pain Journal

If you experience different pains that you have no explanation for, all you have to do is keep a journal. It’s not a diary, but it should be a notebook where you can write when the pains appear and what might caused them (what have you done, what have you eaten or what medication you have taken).


Limits and Relaxation

Nobody can work 24 hours per day, so you need to have a relaxation schedule. Just imagine that you have a few hours just for yourself each day. Set some limits – wake up at 7 am, or work until 6 pm, or take a break every 2 hours of work and so on.

You need to make your schedule in such a way that it allows you to get enough time to 7-Stretches-in-7-Minutes-for-Low-Back-Pain-Reliefspend it how you want it.



Many of the chronic pains don’t go away so easily, so the doctor has already given you a prescription that you have to take. However, even if you don’t consider them necessary, they were given with one reason – to treat and to cure. This being said, you need to remember to take your medicine exactly how the doctor prescribed it, without forgetting anything.

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